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The Journey Of A Hero

"MY PAIN WILL NOT cause me to destroy the favor or glory of God over my life."

- Donny Querin

An Unprecedented Emotion

Donny's Wisdom

Has tragedy created an unprecedented emotion?

In these days of sobering sadness and the realization of our humanity and vulnerability, we are also brought to the knowing of the absolute truth of our Savior. We are rendered, as a Country, …

Fear or Freedom?

Donny's Wisdom
by Donny Querin Much like the zealous terrorist behavior we have been seeing across the world in past years and months, Christ has called us to behave in such a…

Don’t like Changes?

Donny's Wisdom
If only we could see it coming, we could control it. If only we could plan for it, we could contain it. If only we could decide it, we could…

This God That I Serve…

Donny's Wisdom
I had to find out what Jesus really meant to me, personally…not in some stupid angelic, fantastic song that I can’t even pronounce the words in, much less relate to.…

The Last Note

Donny's Wisdom
Mama — Thanks for always being willing to teach me hard things and to bear with our long discussions and Bible studies with so much love and patience; I treasure…

Donny’s Quotes

Donny's Wisdom
“Our willingness to sacrifice is a testimony of our faithfulness to the Lord.” “Men attract what they are, not what they want.” “Maintain eternal perspective” “Break the illusion of need.…

The Prayer Of Donny Book!

This brand new book will be released soon!

The church Donny attended, where his Mother directs the work