The Angelic Visit to Donny in the Middle of Leukemia

1-19-2009 between 1 and 3 am:
Donny has been very ill for 3 days. For the last 36 hours he has had a nose bleed that will not stop and it is profuse. He has a fever and is vomiting. He hasn’t been able to eat much for almost a week. Nothing for 3 days, yet the vomiting continued. His skin is very pale and very, very cold. The Dr.’s and the home care nurse have all recommended the ER. But we are not settled with that idea. So, we wait. We have spent too many days at the ER and the ICU and the hospital….
At 12:30 pm Donny finally nodded off to sleep. So, I went to the couch and watched him for awhile to be sure he was fine. Then I fell asleep. I was awakened at 1:00 am by a shrieking howling noise. I jumped to my feet and went to Donny. It was not him. He was sound asleep. As I finished waking up, I realized that it was coming from another location but I couldn’t figure out where….. so, I ran upstairs as the howling continued to check on my daughter in law, Amy. She was asleep. The noise continued and I could feel a pounding under my feet and now I could hear the howling turn into words…. “Help!” So, I went to the bedroom, thinking Martin was ill and pounding on the floor. He was fine, asleep. So, I went back to the living room where Donny was and realized the noise was coming from outside, so I ran out to find Levi. He was asleep in his dog house, happy as could be. Then, as I tried to find the noise….. finally, yes finally, I realized that this was spiritual, I waited. Then in the center of the lawn I saw this creature, bigger than life. Like a wolf and a lizard all mixed up together. It was crouching down, angry, violent. It was pounding on the lawn. Half of it’s body below the earth, half of it above. It was looking down screaming for help. I assumed it was asking for hell to help it. There didn’t seem to be any help.

I decided that I would just put it back where it came from and close up the whole with the power of God. But, as I prayed, I felt that I was supposed to leave it alone and go back in the house. So, I did.
The screaming continued and the howling returned. I prayed over my son. Then, I go up and sat on the couch for maybe 10 minutes, just watching Donny breathe as this thing cried for help. Then I heard noise…. A different kind of noise coming from the end of the hallway of the house.

A sound of keys and rattling. Quiet whispers, doors closing. You could feel perfect union coming down the hallway. Then it happened. My vision opened up and I saw five Angels. Four Warriors, with gold chain belts and keys on the belts. And one Worshipper. They had boots that went up to the knees. They were each dressed in different colors, but trimmed in gold. They looked the same except had different “trimmings” or accents. The same “style” of clothing I guess is what I mean to say, except for the worshipping Angel. He looked different than the rest. The warriors looked military in some way. Their garments seemed to be living breathing things. I sat transfixed upon them. They came strong and firm. They were on a mission. The worshipping Angel had his eyes on Donny the whole time…. Even while walking down the hallway it seemed like he was already at Donny’s bedside and I was merely watching a vapor, his eyes were transfixed on Donny through the walls. He was very focused. In fact, he was so focused, that focused doesn’t even seem like the right word to use! The warring Angels were standing guard as they were marching forward. Looking at Donny but at everything else also. Completely on task and undistracted. The intent was amazing.
They were dressed in Deep Hunter Green, Aqua Blue, a type of an Orange color, maybe it was Rust, and this profound looking Steel Gray. The one worshipping over Donny was a glow. A glow of power it would seem.

The worshipping Angel was all in White, trimmed in Royal Blue and Purple also having a belt and keys. They came for a definite cause…. A purpose unrevealed to me.

Their boots were all different, but the same somehow. All I can say is that they looked like the same person or “manufacturer” made them. They had the same “feel” to them. All black, with different buttons and clasps on them. Delicate, yet totally functional and durable. Nothing harsh or heavy. The worshipper had brown boots. These boots were not just part of their wardrobe, they were part of their weaponry. The floor moved with them as did the angels “bodies.” I would like to say they were made of leather, but they weren’t. It was a durable substance that moved with them and became part of them, never a gap from the boot to the “body.” Somehow “organic,” if I can use that word when talking about Angels! Their garments were layered, maybe 7 or 8 layers of sheer fabric. Lightweight and floating. All in a silver and gold threaded chiffon type of cloth and the color of each layer was varied ever so slightly. The outer garment or “coat” was the one that was the different color and looked to be alive and trimmed and a bit heavier. Everything about them made a statement that they have been sent by the King. They appeared to be royalty from a royal court. This was very evident.

They came to the end of the hallway and looked at me and then looked at Donny. The worshipping Angel was immediately in the corner of the room leaning forward over Donny’s bed and this was his position until he left, more than two hours later. The others surveyed the land, so to speak, and then strategically placed themselves around Donny’s bed. Three along the sides of the bed and one at the end of the bed.
They were all facing Donny and gently speaking to one another off and on. I sat and watched. I had in my mind 2 things: 1) I want to go over there and 2) I wish that creature in the back yard would be quiet.

Just then the tallest and broadest of the warrior Angels, the one in Green, turned around and looked at me and said, “Stay where you are.” Then he pointed to the backyard and said, “Be Still, you have no power to prevail and you will not get any help.” Just then a cage came from heaven and shut down upon him. He coiled up and couldn’t move or speak. Okay.

(It put me in mind of a month or so ago when while in prayer I felt the Lord telling me to draw the family together in his hospital room in San Francisco and “end it.” A force came from heaven that day and we knew that the Lord had come in all His power and ended the battle over Donny’s life; but we have been waiting for that “end” to fully manifest itself. We knew the battle was over and the Lord’s Will would be done, but this week something was wrong. Something “illegal” was going on and we were helpless against it without divine intervention.)
Then I turned back around to check on Donny and they continued over him in such perfect care and concern. They were ministering to every single part of his body. Touching him and feeding him. It looked like bread but I couldn’t tell. He lay there still and would smile once in awhile. Sound asleep.

I gazed at their belts and the keys that hung from them; wondering what they could be for. I knew that I could not get up to be part of what they were doing, so I sat and watched, trembling. I could not take my eyes off of my son, but often I could not see him because of their presence on him. So, I looked at the belted keys of those that were facing me. These keys were all gold except for one. One was silver. They each had a different number of keys. The keys all looked different. Different styles and shapes.

I came to understand in that moment that these keys allow these angels to go into certain places on the earth. So, I suppose not all can go just anywhere. There are portions and positions. Some angels had more keys than others. The worshipping angel had the most keys, which seemed strange to me. In that moment of looking at those keys I had this information:

“We war in the Spirit to accomplish God’s causes and plead His heart and destroy the enemy so he cannot distract or disarm God’s great plans at the hands of men (as Daniel did). But, our lives should be a living Psalm or song unto Him full of praise and joy at all times in every situation (as David did) and of course, Jesus occupied both these arenas! Since we live more than we pray…. It became apparent to me that worship is a very important aspect and weapon in our lives. We must live with a joyful and trusting heart before our God, no matter what the outcome is… it is our journey that shouts a testimony unto the Lord.”

I was always able to see the frame of my son’s feet under the blankets. His precious hurting feet. He had neuropathy in his feet terribly and his feet felt like needles were poking him all day. This information only came after I asked him how it felt, he would never offer such a thing. The only comfort he received from this terrible pain was if we rubbed his feet, so we all took turns rubbing Donny’s feet. It was our pleasure to weep over his feet as we massaged them. He never complained and was always grateful. His feet used to often twitch when they weren’t being rubbed and as I looked to be sure he was being taken care of, his feet were not twitching under the blankets. They were still and at peace. I was hoping he had no pain. In that moment, I became undone and fell to my knees and began to beseech God for my boy and his terrible pain and wonderful testimony.

Earlier, when he went to sleep, he was ice cold. I had been massaging him for four hours, trying to warm him up and bring the tension out of his poor body. Ice cold. I wrapped him in more blankets and he went to sleep. But he always seemed cold, no matter what I did, even when I had the heating pads on him. Then after these Angels came, I could see a part of his face between two of them and it was red, beet red as they were there with him. They were touching his eyes and ears and laying their hands on his stomach, chest, legs and arms. One Angel began to weep as he touched his hands and said, “Oh to the great glory of God!” I couldn’t hear much of what else they said, but THAT I heard.
The Angels were moving about upon him and seemed very content. They were beautiful to watch and peaceful to be around. Yet, there was a danger to them that was somehow comforting! The one dressed in Green was the largest and did the talking to me and the creature out back. Each angel seemed to have their job, but I was not sure of what that was. The worshipper was different in that he never moved and his wings came out to cover Donny like a canopy. He never took his gaze off of Donny, not even for a moment. The others did not show their wings, if they had any, I don’t know.

This Angel that seemed to be guarding Donny, protecting him somehow….. seemed so familiar. Then I remembered, this Angel was there in the hospital when Donny first got sick, sewing a tapestry and placing it like a vestplate over Donny’s chest. There were others there but I couldn’t tell you about them This one, however, was clearly there. I will never forget the intensity and protection he brought over my son. I wrote of this two years ago in the Journal I was keeping for everyone as we are marching through this together (it is online at the website: Later, Donny and I pondered what it actually meant …. “a tool to help him glorify God…” But then, we knew it not.
The keys all had jewels on them. The Angels that were dressed in Rust and Green had medallions on their necks. They looked like medals or something. I never did find that out. Everything about the warrior Angels were military and purposeful.

They stood and fed him and touched him for two hours. Then, the warring Angels stood back and then went back in toward Donny. They did this maybe five times. Moving backwards a few feet then coming back toward him in unison and very slowly. I didn’t know if they were building a hedge or barrier around him or just “checking their work,” but what they were doing was very strategic and important. It seemed like the worshipping Angel was playing the role of protector during this time. He got more intense during this time than he had been before. Then they looked at each other, nodded and smiled. They looked at me and did the same. Then the Angels looked at one another and stared at each other, including the worshipping Angel. This was the only time that Angel took his gaze off of Donny. He looked up at the other Angels and nodded his head and said to them: “Farewell my brothers.” And, then they backed up again, away from Donny, walking backwards very slowly, checking on their “work” and being very careful to glance over his body very carefully and slowly…. and then they turned and walked past me and went outside.

The worshipping Angel stayed put and began to hover over Donny. He stayed there and didn’t move. I looked out back to see what would happen and then I could see the ground open up. I saw smoke and flames and knew that it was a portion of hell showing itself. The warring Angels each took a turn at fighting the demon.
and it really wasn’t a fight, they were slowly killing him and doing it with much punishment. Almost giving him what he had earned somehow. They commanded hell to watch and then they beat the living daylights out of that thing.

It was very evident that it did not take four of these warring Angels to destroy this demon. It could have been destroyed at the sight of one of these Angels. He was captured and held there so they could almost make “sport” of him in front of hell. There was a message being sent that day. I remember Donny saying earlier, “Mama, it’s as if all these complications have come from the enemy to prolong my healing and attempt to blaspheme God over my life. The devil can’t do that. However I am healed, whether it’s on the earth or in heaven, it doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter to anyone, all that should matter is that God is in charge and we trust Him. The devil is not going to be allowed to blaspheme God by getting things messed up and bringing depression on me.”

This demon cried and wimpered and then lay lifeless. The One in Green threw the demon into the pit and the one in Rust shouted. “You have no power to prevail over this one, do not return.” The One in Blue raised his hands over the hole and said, “To God alone be all Praise and Glory.” Then the one in Steel Gray slowly walked forward. He moved his hands from each direction possible and said, “I place the seal of God Almighty here.” Then a wax looking substance appeared and sealed the ground and he stomped it with his foot and looked up to heaven and raised his hands. They all stood on top of it and shouted, “Glory to God.” Then they looked at me, they smiled and the one in Green said, “It is done, forever done, be at great peace and go forward.” The one in Green waved his hand at me and then arched backward and looked up. He shouted something to the Lord. It seemed to take all the breath out of him, but I couldn’t understand what it was. It was a glorious statement of some sort I’m sure. The other Angels who moments ago were in full war mode, were now rejoicing as this one in Green was making a great proclamation of some kind. Then they all raised their hands and formed fists and looked upward to heaven. Like a mighty rocket, they all took off together at the same time and in an instant they were gone.

They left a flash in the sky for just a second. Whether it was seen in the flesh or not, I cannot say. But, I will never look at rocket streaks the same again!
The early morning is still and silent. I turn to look at my son and find the worshipping Angel still there. He will not leave and that is fine with me. It is obvious that part of his “job” is to remain long after the battle is done. After maybe 20 minutes….. This Angel lowered himself and reached the floor in the position he was in when he first came. All I could do is weep. He reached over and kissed Donny on the top of the head. Then he touched Donny’s left hand and clasped it with both of his and looked at me and tenderly said, “You have prevailed in prayer.” He reached over, and I don’t know how he did this, but he reached over, as if I was standing next to him, and he kissed both my eyes and hugged me and said, “All is well daughter.” He had a hold of both my hands for just a moment and then I was back on the couch looking at Donny with this Angel over him and he repeated the statement, “You have prevailed in prayer.” I understood that he wasn’t talking about “me”, but about all of those who have prayed and fasted and held on for Donny and for the promise of God and dared to believe. He was speaking about everyone who held on for this moment. It truly had nothing to do with me. It has taken an army to hold this promise. I just had the privilege of being the guy on the couch.

To “Prevail in Prayer” I knew meant that God’s Will would be done. In the beginning of his sickness, the Lord told me “I’ve got him” and I knew then in that moment, as I do now, that I don’t get to tell God what “I’ve got him looks like!”

The Angel spoke a blessing over the house and all who would enter in, and then in words that I could not understand he began to shout and proclaim things that I could not make out, but somehow I knew it was the proclamation of good things ordained of my God. More peace than I could hold up under filled the room.

Such a power came from the corner of the room as this Angel stood there, declaring his truth. Then, he smiled, so deeply and tenderly at my Donny, as if he has always been by his side and we just today, got to see him…… he smiled at Donny, let go of his left hand, touched his right hand and made a mark on it…. I want to say it was a cross, but I cannot be sure, he made strokes on it with his index finger, quite slowly and methodically; very carefully. As he looked at Donny and gently stroked him I thought to myself, “This is clearly the most tender moment that I have ever seen.” He stood up straight, waved good-bye at me, longingly and lovingly gazed at Donny again and then looked upward and disappeared. Just like that. Donny was first on his mind and last on his mind…….. all the while with God on his mind. My Mother’s heart ached and was grateful at the same time. So much, everything, was out of my control and I was forced beyond being compelled to agree and know it would be okay. This Angel had a Mother’s heart, a Father’s hope, a wife’s adoration, a sister’s love, a brother’s joy and a friend’s resolve, all the while holding the Lord’s intentions and great plan wrapped in First Love.

The house is quiet now and I finally get up and go to Donny’s bed. His face is still red. Very, very red. His whole body turns red, then pale again. This goes on for 30 minutes. It seems to be reverberating or pulsing. (Like the time when he died for 20 minutes when he was 2 years old and the Lord brought him back) He then began to breathe easy and unbothered. His oxygen level has been at 10 liters for months and his oxygen saturation rate goes from 85-90%. After the Angels left, it jumped to 99%. His resting heart rate has usually been high… 120’s. Since the Angels left it has been in the 60’s and 70’s. His levels havt! been 99%/69 all day. Donny has asked me this afternoon to turn the oxygen liter down to 3 and his oxygen rate is holding 96-99%. This lion-hearted man! We are giving his lungs time to finish expanding.

We hope to see later what only God can see today! And, whatever it is and however long this lasts, whether it be a “break” or a “cure”, I know we will be fine as we yield to God’s plan and trust Him in it. I am just so grateful to the Lord for Donny’s relief, here, in this moment!

He woke up around 4 am and looked at me and said, “I feel great and I’m hungry Ma, really hungry.” I asked him if he remembered what happened in his sleep and he said, “Not everything, but something happened, I feel well, really well. Weak, but well.” I told him the Angels came and they were feeding him. He leaned back and smiled the same smile that he had a few hours earlier in his sleep and he said, “The Bread of Life.” His bloody nose stopped, no fever and he hasn’t vomited since. He is getting stronger and stronger. He will walk today.

Donny told me that he was starting to get depressed and asked God to please not let that happen, because however it ended up, with him being healed in this living room or in heaven, he didn’t want his testimony wrecked by the inadequacies of his own heart and mind. He has asked me to please pray that he finish well, whether it be to finish here and start in heaven or finish the sickness here and start a new ministry of no pain.

He had started to really miss his life, he wanted to do things, to breathe, to go to church and lift his hands in worship, to be the husband to his wife that he always wanted to be. He cried when he told me this earlier last week. He was starting to get consumed with what he wanted here on this earth and it bothered him, because he knew that as a Christian man, if his attentions and affections weren’t on the Lord and His Kingdom, he would become self-centered and prideful; of no use to God and it would push him to depression and the things the world offers.

I called my parents to let them know the trial was over with Donny, that he was doing better and the enemy’s threat had been aborted. There will be sure peace now without a fight.

My Dad said that he was up at midnight asking God to please send the Angels and finish the job with Donny. My Dad was feeling like Donny would be maimed for life or handicapped in some way and was asking the Lord to come quickly before permanent damage was done. I told him surely the Angels came!

I had not known this…. But Donny told me later, that during our prayer time before sleep he quietly asked the Lord to send the Angels to help him and protect him. God is faithful.

A friend in Nevada sent me a phone text message this morning and she said that she saw the Lord’s angels encamped around Donny feeding and dressing him in the early hours of the morning.

A few hours after the angels left, I received this email from a friend in California.

1-19-09 (received at 8 am) via email, copied here:

Tuesday and Wednesday all day I had been praying throughout the day and evening for you and your family, especially for Donny, in the Spirit. Because human words can fail, but the Lord’s spirit knows how to take those prayers to heaven and turn them into the perfect will of the Father. Truly Sandi I don’t look for things like visions or Dreams! They just come, and I know they all have to be tested out in the word.
But at 1:45 a.m. Thursday, morning I was awakened out of my sleep, and saw this beautiful vision of these angels filled with fire just like the Bible talks about messengers of fire!

They were surrounded around Donny’s bed , and one of the angels had a little loaf of what looked like bread he was giving him to eat. The only scriptures I could think of are the time when Jesus said I have food to eat of you know not of. This was surely the “Bread of Life” this angel was feeding him. They passed the bread around and took turns feeding him.

1 Kings 19:4-8 When the angel had bread prepared on the coals for Elijah’s journey to strengthen him, When he was running from Jezebel .
“4Elijah went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die; and said, It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers.
5And as he lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat.
6And he looked, and, behold, there was a cake baken on the coals, and a cruse of water at his head. And he did eat and drink, and laid him down again.
7And the angel of the Lord came again the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.
8And he arose, and did eat and drink, and went in the strength of that meat forty days and forty nights unto Horeb the mount of God.”

I love you dearly,

Then this note came the same day from a friend in Nevada:
1-19-09 (received around noon) via email, copied here:
It has been some time since I have spoken with you, knowing your hands and heart are very busy tending to the needs of your son and the care of the flock our Savior has set in front of you. I have not wanted to bother you with notes to read or calls to field, but I think that you know I and my family have been praying for you and yours; all along the way.
This morning, as is my habit, I rose up early to read the word and the moment I got out of bed I was taken into a vision. It was so very real, and I thought perhaps I had fallen back to sleep, maybe I did, but it doesn’t matter, I know what I saw and it was so very real, and I am still shook up by it, I have to share it with you. I hope you are able to take a moment in your busy day to read what I feel is an encouragement to you from the Lord.

I rise up at 3:00 each morning to read and pray before my day begins. This morning I woke up with a “start” at 1:00. I saw four angels in your home, they were marching down the hallway toward you and Donny. You were on a couch and he was in his bed. He looked tortured and you looked exhausted.

Then, I noticed another angel, a fifth one, who seemed a bit upset that I even looked at him (her?) and then I realized, this angel was a protector or guardian over Donny. Very protective. Didn’t like me looking at Donny. I moved back and stood by you in this dream/vision. You fell to your knees asking God to help your son. You were broken before the Lord and it handicapped my heart. I was speechless and motionless as I watched something so intense and personal. I felt like I was violating a privacy of some kind, but for the beauty of it, could not turn away. You were crying out for God’s will by pleading for your son as well. It’s as if his pain had come up to taunt you and break you, but you would not be turned away from the face of your loving God. After a time you collected yourself from off the floor and looked upon your son. You kissed his head and then his hand and said, “my son, oh my son.”

Then you sat on the couch, you laid down and the next thing I knew, you saw these angels. You shook your head and stood up and then I laughed because you said, “oh, better not!” and you sat back down. There were goings on that I couldn’t make out from there and couldn’t be sure exactly what was happening but the regalia and beauty of these very much appointed angels over your home and your family and your son, was completely evident.

They were moving all over him with their hands. Fluttering and smiling. Although one was weeping. They each had specific job and they were doing them. It’s as if they were removing the battle from him somehow. I didn’t feel like he was getting healed or being taken away, neither one. But, rather it seemed like they were issuing him the strength to prevail and continue in God’s intentions over his life. It was the most humbling thing for God to show me this. I do not know why I have seen it except that I have been tarrying with the Lord over your son. It breaks my heart for your trouble and his pain.

If I had a son, I would offer to trade places. The Lord knows how deeply I love you and who God is in you, so I have tried to do what I can and that is to pray the will of the Lord over your son and God’s strength into you, his precious Mother. It is the least I could do for all that you have done for me and my family. I will never forget your unbelievable efforts and love toward us. I pray for his wife and sister and her husband. The Lord shows me the depth of love your son in law has for Donny and it is beautiful, he is a very deep and unspoken young man. Your daughter is connected to him in a wonderful way such that has come at a high cost and very much treasured, very few sibling, I would imagine have this. I suppose the whole world is in love with your son. As I pray for your family the Lord shows me some things to pray about: Donny’s wife, as I pray for her, seems to know that Donny is a “one of a kind” and he has rescued her and reached her beyond a deep pain. What a wonderful kinship they have. Such a sweet fellowship of Love.

I warm at the thought of two becoming one in this way. And when I pray for your husband…. Sandi, his heart is toward his son and he does not know exactly what to do, but for you dear friend, he labors in spirit. He loves you deeply and is grateful that the Lord has chosen you to teach your son in the “way that he should go.”
It appears to me that Donny has needed every ounce of the training you have given him down through these 28 years, to be able to rise up during this time. What an honor to see this and know that it is true!

Well, I am rattling and rambling as I am still a bit shook up and I suppose I will always be a shook up over this. What a privilege. Oh, one other thing Sandi, the vision began to fade as these angels…. Strong and capable were brushing the old burden off your son… the fierce battle of the enemy, they began to feed him something. I could smell bread. Like fresh baked, hot bread. Could it of been manna baked in heaven’s kitchen? This I did not see, so I can’t be sure of it, but it was bread. They fed him and he ate and the tortured look came off his face. His whole body began to glow and I stood amazed. I am confident when I say that the battle has been won. I do not know about the war, and I don’t know how it ends, but this I am sure of… your God has been glorified in all of this and your son will rise up with a very large crown, if not here, then on the other side. It was not a time of “rejoice, for he is well” but rather a time of “rejoice, for the enemy has been defeated and the Lord’s will is going to be done easily and gloriously now, without a fight.”

I remember your son when he came with you on a ministry trip her in Nevada before he went to Teen Mania Ministries in Texas so many years ago. He was amazing back then and I can only imagine how much more amazing he had the privilege to become through his years since then, living at the feet of Jesus, ever reaching out to Him.
You and he were made out of the same cloth of soul. Sometimes it appeared to me that you and he were almost the same person, so strange, but so like God to knit you together for His eternal causes and I see now, it must be giving your son great strength to go forward as he leans on Jesus and those around him who hold an excellent spirit. I saw this connection between you and Donny and knew this was a rare spiritual connection that the Lord had designed upon his birth so that he could grow quickly into the man of God he was supposed to be….. Yes, “for a time such as this.” Treasure it and guard it, for the Lord has allowed it for an eternal cause. When you and he were praying for people at the altar, he prayed for my husband and my husband was healed of cancer; as you know. Bill has often said he would give the healing back if God would give it to Donny, but we are reminded that God doesn’t work that way and this is your son’s life to live and his race to run. So, we will cheer him on from here. Let him know we are rooting for him and Praising God along the way. To God be the Glory!

I know you and so I know that you will yield to whatever the Lord has for you to do in this. Take heart my friend, take heart. I am here.
We love you so much and are all grateful to the Lord for you.


October 4, 2010

Thank you to those who spent so many days and weeks as they rolled into years praying for our precious son and rejoicing as he ascended the stairway to heaven, seven months ago, honoring His Father all along the way! Go Donny Go!
We are forever grateful for this visitation, it gave strength for the last year of the journey. We had hoped he would stay, but God knows what is best and we find ourselves rejoicing in that. The memory of God’s great plan as He sent the Angels is a continual source of strength and encouragement. I hope this has encouraged you as well. It was never my intention to share it, but was provoked by the Lord to do so at this time. I only wrote it down for Donny, because he asked me to so that we would “never forget” the details. And, as usual, he was right in such things….. we must never forget the details of this or of his glorious life or of how great the Lord Jesus is.

Every Blessing to you as you forge ahead. Sandi Querin

1 Timothy 3:16
“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”

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