Selfishness: A Cancer Eating Away at the Morality of Christianity

Give up the attitudes that keep your Christianity weak!

by Donny Querin

Every day thousands of people are born into the world, all over the world.
Every day we encounter new faces, new ideals and ideas. Every day we face even the mystery of our own selves, as if the rest of the world weren’t mysterious enough! Each morning we are thrown into new opportunities to grow and new stressful circumstances…. and into each night we retreat into the safety of our slumber. We’re all hiding from something, but hiding becomes relative, common truth inside a world full of insecurity.

We all want to be open, but in a closed, emotionless age, we find ourselves content in the shelter of this image that has cost us so much to create and uphold. We all want a companion, yet we are not willing to be one. We all want to be trusted, yet we do not ourselves trust others, even those closest to us.

We all want to be appreciated, but words of appreciation in our own mouth are left to deteriorate in the cesspool of our pride. We all want to be loved, we all want to be recognized, we all want to be remembered for
something good. We are a complicated breed, difficult at times, but ultimately created perfect in His sight!

Every day thousands of people die in the world, all over the world. Every day we encounter new tragedies, more sickness and less truth. Every day we face those things that we ignorantly take for granted and silently walk past as always. Each morning we are thrown into new opportunities to grow….and into each night we retreat into the safety of our slumber.

We’re all hiding from something, but our hiding now is futile…a chasing after the wind…a mere child’s game in light of the eternal. Every day we gain more to lose. Every day…..we gain….more to lose…….. The world we have created is a simple vacuum, sucking from us our very individuality and personality… Robbing us of our boldness and purity. The violent immoralities of sin and insensitivity have been reduced to a mere prick in the skin of society. Compromise….as common as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We must now realize that there is much too much to be done for any further indulgence in self. We know now that the consequences of our inaction are much more impacting than the empty words of optimism and noble deeds we speak of every day in an effort to rationalize our mediocrity. We are not of this world…and therefore…do not become entrenched in its temptations…We must not fall prey to the conditioning of the social status quo. We are a means of renewal and revival. We have now become a source of life…a source of strength and confidence. We have seen past the fallacy of fear and into the glory of redemption…we have bridged over the polluted waters of distrust and insecurity and have now been sent to show the way to all those that are inflicted with this disease we call human nature.
We, as followers and co-heirs with Christ, have become an open door to freedom for the world. We are no longer bound to those things we have hidden from for so long…we are no longer slaves to our shame…we are no longer held in silence by even the darkest corners of our souls…We have been brought into the light…how can we now betray it?

What Aristotle spoke years ago, is true today “Do not withhold that which you cannot give!” We didn’t die for the world, but by our actions, we can prevent the world from knowing Jesus, who did.

Be brave in the Power of His might for as the word says in Zephaniah, “The Lord your God in the Midst of thee is Mighty!”

Let Him be mighty in you to overcome all that hinders a powerful Christianity!

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