Fear or Freedom?

by Donny Querin

Much like the zealous terrorist behavior we have been seeing across the world in past years and months, Christ has called us to behave in such a zealous manner for his purposes…with much more eternal motivation. We have been commissioned to, no matter what the cost or sacrifice, use the gifts imparted to us to strategically spread God’s love to the world. We have the ability stored up within us to change the moral decline and self destructing course that this world is on. But we have allowed our minds, bodies and our efforts to be polluted by the one weapon capable of stopping us.

Satan’s one goal is to constrict this kind of God led behavior that has thwarted his plans for so long. His weapon: fear. The fear of other people, the fear of not living up to someone else’s expectations, the fear of losing the respect of those you care about, the fear of failure, rejection, ridicule, even death…..Sure, some may even seem like good ones, reasons that many of us have rationalized about in the past or even now, but make no mistake, they are all still fears!!…. These fears and many others are the very reasons we find ourselves hindered in life from exercising the very things we have been put on earth to accomplish…..the deep things…the unspoken dreams waiting to erupt into action, the things we have said we are going to do for God for our whole lives and have yet to tap into; held back only by fear. Without fear of what may happen or what may not happen, we will be unstoppable and able to do all that God has called us to do. Without fear we have the ability to move freely in life because we are not afraid to lose it. Fear is freedoms only enemy and freedom is only freedom when not contaminated by fear.

The fearless martyrs of today’s terrorist organizations and their willingness to die for their cause has proven to be the largest problem in our efforts to rid the world of terrorist thinking and behavior…..If you cannot use fear to intimidate and force people out of this kind of behavior, then what can you use…. maybe nothing…… In the death of members of these organizations and groups others simply rise up behind them ready and willing to do the same, almost feeling re-enforced by the martyrdom of those around them who have died for this cause. If killing causes more to rise up behind to re-enforce their purpose, then how can they be stopped? To them, ridicule and persecution are a modern day “bat-signal”, calling all others to fight and rise up with all confidence proving that they will not just lie down to torture or even death; that they would rather sacrifice their entire life than live one day in hypocrisy and the declination of the truth in their beliefs. Death is a small price to pay when you truly believe in something.

Our enemy uses the same tactics in the spiritual war we face every day. He uses fear as his leash to gain control. When we start to rise up, he tugs on it, inflicting pain, intimidation and fear in our hearts and minds, breaking our will and confidence. Being free of all fear is our ticket to true freedom and authority in Christ. The day that we refuse to be crippled by fear is the day we will see our deepest dreams surface and bear fruit. This is the calling of our Lord and the commissioning on our lives: To live without the fear of even death, to count ridicule as gain and blessing. A weapon has not yet been created, that can defeat the fearless. Although one may fall in battle, two will rise up in their place. This is the effect of fearless, purpose filled living.Purpose is the blood running through the veins of every dream or desire to do good. Without purpose, life slows to a crawl and all things become insignificant; time is wasted and lives are lost.
Don’t let it be said of you that fear was your roadblock. Don’t let it be said of this generation that we all laid down to the pressure of the world and the intimidation of Satan.

Prove Christ to the world, rid yourself of fear.

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