Donny’s Quotes

“Our willingness to sacrifice is a testimony of our faithfulness to the Lord.”

“Men attract what they are, not what they want.”

“Maintain eternal perspective”

“Break the illusion of need. Jesus promised us that he would personally reward us in heaven, let that be our need and let that be enough.”

“We cannot pinpoint the central meaning or single vehicle to bless or be blessed by out God. Obedience is the important matter.”

“Clean people up, don’t wipe them out.”

“MY PAIN WILL NOT cause me to distrust God.”

“MY PAIN WILL NOT cause me to destroy the favor or glory of God over my life.”

“If I don’t believe that Jesus goes with me, then my doubt will allow the devil to blaspheme the name of God with my very life.”

“Count on the Lord arriving right on time.”

“Look for the Lord’s Messenger, the advance man!”

“Anger is always secondary to hurt. Let us see the cause and root of the anger to help one another recover from wound, so that we can learn to trust, instead of falling prey to the enemy’s plan by engaging in the natural instinct of defense and competition while defending ourselves against someone else’s ill placed anger.”

“They are acting that way because you are not helping them to behave differently.”

“Compromise sign’s away freedom. Passion for truth secures it.”

“Quarrels are bred from pride. Pride is birthed by not taking advice.”

“Doing something simply because you can is the same as not doing something simply because you don’t want to.”

“To be void of purpose is a crime.”


” Be the best version of yourself” (he loved to say these two!)

“Pray for change, don’t just write a letter.”

“Walking in wisdom opposes trusting in oneself.”

His prayer a year after receiving Leukemia: “Lord, provide me opportunity to minister to the people you send to me. May my love for them be everlasting and my compassion never fade, just as you have shown to me.”

Psalm 35:27-28 “Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favor my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. My tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.”

“Compassion without action is equal to the deepest hatred.”

“Pages turn to chapters, days turn to years. Our Spirits will only be satisfied when we live without doubt and fear.”

“Freedom is the power to determine action without restraint”

“These are the days and times that we have been given, let us not put them to waste; for the hour is coming when we will disappear without a trace.”

“If we are not willing to be corrected, we walk in darkness.”

“Jesus knew His purpose and He didn’t let the human emotions that swarmed about Him in hte Garden confuse Him.”

“Acceptance from the world is Rejection of God.”

“In Repentance, we will find the greatest exercise of Faith and Grace.”

“We allow God to cultivate His love in our lives, by the way we are willing to live our lives.”

“Why are you waiting for a Lightning Bolt to motivate you, when the cause for Eternity ……… a blood stained cross, sits in your heart?”

“Until we are willing to learn Who Jesus is, we will not be able to have What He Is.”

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  • Another thing that Donny said, just before he left was this:
    “I know that the Lord called me to this suffering, otherwise I would not have the strength to go through it. I just have to keep finding my strength in Him so that my suffering is honorable.”


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