"MY PAIN WILL NOT cause me to destroy the favor or glory of God over my life."

The Last Note

Mama --- Thanks for always being willing to teach me hard things and to bear with our long discussions and Bible studies with so much love and patience; I treasure these daily conversations and ask God to count it as ministry and bless you with a … [Read more]

Donny’s Quotes

"Our willingness to sacrifice is a testimony of our faithfulness to the Lord." "Men attract what they are, not what they want." "Maintain eternal perspective" "Break the illusion of need. Jesus promised us that he would personally reward us … [Read more]

Donny Querin’s Sermon For King Camp 2010

5-30-2010 Click Here To Download These Notes To Your Computer I know that he wishes he could be here…but, then again…he would not trade where he is for here! Every Blessing to you as you go forward in his heart as he was led by the Lord, through … [Read more]

Donny Testimonials

As we all celebrate Donny running into the arms of Jesus, on this page you can leave special memories you have of Donny and how he has touched your life. You can leave your comments in the comment box below. Enjoy these letters from Donny. … [Read more]